Voice Practice 11/26/18

How Long I Practiced: About 30 Minutes

What I Practiced: I started with basic vocal exercises, like going up and down scales and doing snooty oohhhsss. Anytime I felt my voice getting tight during practice, I would return to these exercises and just try to relax. I then learned most of the notes of Skylark and started to sing it. I sang it with words, but in the parts I found especially high and troubling, I would sing it without words, just on an ahhh sound. I did not learn the bridge during this practice section.

How I Felt About What I Practiced: I listened to Skylark before this, so I was able to pick up the tune quickly. I was a bit pressed for time, so I didn’t try to learn the bridge, but I felt good about the amount I did learn in just one session. My biggest problem is how high the song is. On the high Eb and F, I totally feel my voice restricting. I tried to breathe deeper and focus on my moment of suspension, but this only seemed to help a little bit. Overall, I felt it was easy to learn the basics of the songs and I even began to memorize the lyrics.