Voice Practice 10/29/18

What I Practiced: Lip Trills, Deep Breathing, Singing Pop Songs to get my voice going, Snooty Oohhhhsss, Aahs and Oohs on Scales going up and down, Fly, Fly, FlyAll Through the Night

My Thoughts: I felt good about my practice today. I was already singing in Gospel Revelations before this, so that helped in the ease of warming up. I really enjoyed doing the oohs and the ahhs and the snooty oohs. My throat felt open. I also spent some time watching myself deep breathe, which really helped me work on avoiding chest breathing. Lastly, I practiced music. I really like the new song Fly, Fly, Fly. It is just right for the season. I also practiced my piece, All Through the Night. I feel okay about this song, but I do want to get the lyrics memorized, and I also want to get better at hitting those sudden high notes in the middle of the song.