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Student Executive Council Application Resources

Happy Friday Friends! To apply for one of the SEC 2016 positions you need to submit: 1) This Google Form 2) Signatures of ConfidenceĀ FormĀ (at Runyan desk, or print your own) Make sure to attend our study break/info session event this…


Happy Friday!

Our 9th Newsletter has taken on print form- as well as digital!


So check it out! and give us feedback! good or bad or anywhere in between!

Must love and respect,

Student Executive Council


Student Executive Council Elections 2016

Hey everyone, The application form for the Student Executive Council is now available Available positions include: Co-presidents (2) Vice President of nomination Vice president for communication Student Organization council conveners Secretary of Finance Events Coordinator Please click on this link…

Board of Trustees Update

Good morning, The last Board of Trustees meeting happened last Friday, 30th of October. Lily Fishleder sat in on it and took notes and contributed to the conversation. Board Update Love and Light, Lily Fishleder on behalf of the Student…