What Do I Bring?

We won’t need a lot of equipment to walk in Cornwall, and baggage transfers between hostels are handled by the company with which we work. As a result, you’ll need clothes and shoes suitable for walking, a day pack, decent rain gear, and the ability to carry water. That’s about it!

Dork 1 (the geologist) and Dork 2 (the librarian) wearing typical Cornwall clothes. Low-top walking shoes, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and a sun hat. The weather in Cornwall this time of year averages in the mid 60’s for the high, and the mid 50’s for the low.



Day Pack:
I don’t even have a picture of my day pack. A 30 liter pack is more than you’d ever need. Your school book pack is enough! Here’s all the pack you’ll ever need!



Decent Rain Gear:
Ok, so this also happens…. We could’ve cropped out the lowering grey sky, but that would be misleading. On days like this, you’ll want a decent rain jacket. It’s still not terribly cold, so even a lightweight fleece will be plenty for warm.