Bits and Bobs

Hey, I have a question! Who do I ask?

You can send an email to either Neal Baker (bakerne) or Andy Moore (moorean). Neal’s the librarian, Andy’s the geologist.

Will I be back in time for student orientation?

Yes. We return at the same time as August Wilderness, the day before orientation starts.

Wait, what about all my stuff?

You can put your stuff in your dorm room on August 2nd (although you can’t unpack). Your stuff for the school year will stay in your room waiting for you to get back from Cornwall!

Hey, are we going to knit on this?

Funny you should ask! Andy is an obsessive knitter, and Cornwall is a place famous for knitting. As part of exploring the culture, of course we can knit! I’m not forcing anybody, but…..You can find Andy on Ravelry as moorean, and Earlham does have a Ravelry group.