Throughout this semester we have covered a lot of different leadership styles and theories in our course, Leadership Skills and Development, and I honestly believe that all of these different types of leadership styles will more than likely be more than useful and will find a place in my memorable skill sets to aid me in my upcoming future. Seeing as how I plan on being a Global Management major here at Earlham College, learning new styles of leadership can do nothing but benefit me.

The different leadership styles that we went over are all helpful, but the one that I believe will help me develop the most as a leader in the future is situational leadership. This style of leadership has taught me that there isn’t necessarily one model of leadership that has to work for every single situation that you are going to have to deal with. Hence the name, situational leadership. After breaking down situational leadership, I have come to the conclusion that this style of leadership can be applied to almost anything.

The four different levels that pertain to the Hershey and Blanchard model make situational leadership extremely simple to understand and can be used as a great teaching or learning method. When applying this model, all you have to do is assess what type of person or people that you are dealing with and determine whether they are in the delegating, supporting, coaching, or directing stage. Doing this will allow you to decide which level of followership they are on and respond accordingly.

I can say that I personally believe that situational leadership is the style of leadership that will basically be my go to. I can also personally say that the Hershey and Blanchard model is the best way to apply situational leadership. I will use the Hershey and Blanchard model when I further myself into the business world when I take on my future career. Whether I’m looking over my own sales team or doing something else dealing with other people I will always remember learning about this approach to situational leadership from this class.