Throughout this past semester, I have learned many of things. One of the main topics that I will continue to use for the rest of my life, is goal setting. In the class, we learned how being a leader, you want to set goals for your team, and set them to high standards. I truly enjoy this topic, because when you accomplish your goal, there is a sense of entitlement, and it is a reward for the team. In this semester alone, I have set many goals for myself, some of those I have reached, while others I have failed. Though I never want to fail, it is the lessons that I take away from the failures that means the most. Early on in the semester, we had an assignment called “The Leadership Development Plan.” This assignment was for us to chose seven topics, and attempt to reach certain goals that we set for ourselves. At the end of the semester, I have evaluated myself, and I have found out, that here I have succeeded as well as failed. From my successes, I have learned that if you put your mind towards something, the sky is the limit and you can reach all goals. And going along with my failures, I have come to realize that I will have to go out of my comfort zone at times, to get the results that I am after.

In the past years, I have also set goals that I have wanted to achieve. Before graduating high school, I had a list of goals, which included: going to college, playing baseball in college, have a good job going into college, and find an interest in a certain field of study. These were all personal goals that I have set for myself in the past, and they have helped me get to where I am today. Without these goals in mind, I may not be the man I am today.

I can, and will use goal setting in the future workplace, whether it be in a team setting, or a personal goal to get to where I want to be. Leaders will set goals and standards for his/her company, and as long as they have the backing from their division, the sky is the limit. My next few goals in mind will be, to graduate from Earlham with a specialization in Marketing, and find a career in the boating industry. Not all goals are meant to be easy, but it is the demeanor of how you strive to complete that goal, that means the most.