Leading through positive inaction could be quite difficult. Being in a leadership position and sitting back and doing nothing could result in your followers also sitting back and doing nothing. On the other hand, positive inaction could have an extremely positive reaction on an organization depending on what kind of employees work for the organization. This means that for positive inaction to show positive results, the leader applying this method of leadership must have a group of followers who see their leaders inactivity as a problem and will take on the initiative to get the job done themselves. If they are this type of follower, then their actions should result in the motivation of all of the other employees to do what their leader is not. This is how a leader could benefit from positive inaction.

Another metaphor or image from nature that would provide insights into leadership would be the alpha male in a pack of wild animals, whether it be gorillas, wolves, or even lions. The alpha male holds a role in which all of their followers look up to and follow their every move. If a leader of an organization were to act like an alpha male when they were acting in their leadership position, then their followers would more than likely in turn follow them with the respect that is desired and deserved.

Leaders in taoism are unlike the leaders in other religious and philosophical situations that I know of, other than Jesus Christ himself from the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ uses nothing but positive inaction to sway over his followers to put their belief in him. Other than the forementioned situation, I do not know of any leadership situations that are like those mentioned in Taoism. I feel as if I were in a follower position and I was forced to follow a leader who practiced positive inaction from Taoism, I would not do well as a follower. If my leader is not giving us a good example of leadership I would not know what they would be expecting from us as a group of followers.