After reading this case which is about a woman who is in a dillemma that is testing her own ethics and morals, I have come to the conclusion that if I was in Tracy’s shoes, I would go ahead and file the anonymous complaint. I would file the anonymyous complaint because it falls under my legal rights under the Act that is set in place by the Firm, in which it is within my rights to be compensated for all of the overtime work that I have put in. The Act and the Firm are also put in place in order to protect employees like me who are being mistreated and taken advantage of for the benefit of an employer. Of course, by filing this anonymous complaint, I, Tracy, would be setting a new standard for all of those who work in the same field as I do that are undergoing the same circumstances that I am.
As a result of filing this anonymous complaint, my company legally shouldn’t be able to retaliate against me. This doesn’t mean that they won’t, it is always possible that my actions will upset my employers and the end result will be me losing my job, but it would be worth it in the end. Like I mentioned earlier, I would be setting a new standard for those who work in the same field as I do. All of these people would be thankful that I took the risk and put my job on the line to change the way that our employers deal with paying their employees overtime. Everyone deserves to be paid the rightful amount of money they are owed for the amount of hours they put into the job. So regardless if I would lose my job or not, I feel as if looking out for my fellow coworkers and other people in my situation is the ethical thing to do. In doing the ethical thing, I will be setting up a brighter future for those who are wanting to work in this field. Although I will risk having a bad reputation with my employer and will forever be seen as someone who goes against the grain, the end result is all that matters.