What challenges does Savons Prolav face in managing its business according to its core values?

One of the challenges that Savons Prolav faced according to the businesses core values had to do with them diluting the product and pricing it at the lower end of the market. This decision arose because the companies product efficiency piece wasn’t giving them enough differentiation from their competitors. This was an ongoing issue with the company because distributors constantly wanted to lower their price and dilute their product. They had to choose between economic profit and environmental value. Also, the company was torn between remaining environmental or building the company. Ultimately, they discontinued all products that contained harmful chemicals and started a new business that focused on being nonharmful to users.

How does Savons Prolav create value for its customers?

Savons Prolav created value for its customers by allowing them a more healthier and less hazardous cleaning product. They backed this up by stating how much research and development that went on to fine-tune their product to perfectly fit the customers’ needs. Their main focus was to be as eco-friendly as possible while also striving for product efficiency, and making sure that their product actually accomplished the task that it was made to do. An issue arose where companies were over qualifying their products, and when they were put to use they didn’t perform as advertised. But a staple in Savons Prolav’s business was that their product actually performed well and that their product was efficient. The value for the customers revolved around the products quality and performance as well as the companies focus on being as environmentally safe as possible.