4: In the example of Taoism metaphors from nature such as trees, babies, gender, water and more are all used to support the ideas behind the leadership style that seems more of a religion than a leadership style. Other examples to support a leadership style may include the story of the Lion that rules the Jungle although he is not the fastest or biggest animal he is the most ruthless just like famous leaders in history who did not believe in democracy such as Benito Mussolini or Joseph Stalin who were ruthless dictators juts like the Lion that rules the Jungle with an iron fist. The lion however rarely has a peaceful death as he mostly starves after being banished by a younger, stronger Lion that usurps him. That can be related to the violent ends that mots dictators such as Hitler and Gaddafi have had as they rarely get to have peace after all the horror that they commit in the name of leadership. The wolf pack is also an image that can be related to a successful leadership approach where the wolves would put the pack before themselves and that’s how they survive; that can be associated with successful leaders that encourage team members to focus on the mission ahead and the team’s goal as opposed to individualistic goals.

6: The Taoist leadership compares to other religions mostly in its preaching for peace and humility. Both Islam and Christianity call for modesty and humbleness which can be related to Jesus Christ who was a modest individual and was also a loving man similar to Mahatma Gandhi who is mentioned in the article. Jesus refused to use force and “offered his other cheek” to his enemies. In Islam the Profit and his followers were the weaker party when they faced the Idol worshipers in the early days of Islam but they eventually adapted and overcame their adversaries. Moreover in Taoism it’s mentioned that the weaker people will adapt and the stiff hard objects which can be related to the Idolaters here will break because hardness and dryness represent death whereas tenderness represents life. In terms of Modesty Islam preached for Modesty and humbleness and an Example on that would be the Famous Khalifet Umar who was sleeping in the mosque dressed like a homeless person when a Roman envoy came for him. The envoy was shocked looking at the leader of the Muslims who at the time had a powerful army that was conquering the world. I don’t have much knowledge regarding other religions; Judaism is similar in most ways to Islam and Christianity whereas Buddhism supports Humbleness just like Taoism.

7: this leadership theory supports empowering and designating individuals, it’s like a decentralized leadership approach. We can also relate the Taoism approach to transformational leaders where the leaders know how to assess the situation and sometimes hold back similar to what is mentioned in the article in regards to the Taoism leader. There are also similarities between transactional leadership and Taoism as Transactional leaders promote empowering subordinates as mentioned earlier.


Fuad A.