I personally think that microcredit is a good tool to alleviate poverty because it creates opportunities for jobs and allows people to get a jump on their business. According to Microfinance of the Masses, the company, Kiva, has loaned over 889 million dollars to 82 countries with a repayment rate of 97%. From this, I believe that giving people who aren’t credit worthy an opportunity for a new start will open their eyes and they’ll take advantage of it and make the most from it.

I think allowing women access to capital via microlending does empower them because it gives them an equal opportunity to grow a business. In some countries, women don’t even think that they’re allowed to walk into a bank because they’ve been told that they’re not essentially good enough to manage capital and start a business. So yes, allowing women access to microlending can definitely empower women all around the world. Plus, allowing women to manage capital and start their own businesses can add help to alleviate poverty.