Being a successful leader means you must first learn what it means to be a successful follower. What I mean by this is that for someone to become a great leader, they have to integrate themselves into their follower group. Basically this means that for a leader to be respected, they must treat others how they wish to be treated and earn the respect of their followers. A great leader, in my opinion, will get to know those who are following them on a personal level. This allows for a more intimate relationship with your followers. Getting to know your followers on a personal level allows for them to open up and be more honest with you, which in turn will grant you the ability as a leader to become more cooperative with your followers necessities. Being more open with your followers is a great strength to have as a leader because if you know what is and what is not working for your followers then you should, in theory, always be able to have your followers producing at maximum efficiency.

On the other hand, there are some situations where being a more open leader can have its downsides. Lets say in my case being a leader on the football team, if you become too lenient with those following you they can become complacent and extremely laid back. This is a situation where also having the ability to become an authoritarian leader is always an excellent back up plan. You can apply being an open leader and listening to your followers up to a certain extent on the football field, but when it comes down to it, you must be able to take charge and not allow for any of your followers to walk over you. This ties back into earning the respect of your followers. Yes they will be able to come to you in a time of need and will take what you have to say into consideration, but when times get tough and they seem to be getting a little lackadaisical, you can snap them into the right direction because of they respect you have earned from them.