Influence of the Illuminati

Beethoven’s first true teacher, Christian Gottlob Neefe, was said to be a former member of the Freemasons, and not only a member of Illuminati, but the head of the Bonn Lodge of the organization. How much of an effect could this man have had on our young artist’s political standpoint?

A lot, but not as much as it could have been as it happens. It’s well known that the Illuminati dissolved in 1785 when Beethoven was only fourteen.

However, Beethoven puts the meaning of brotherly love behind many of his works, including the Ode to Joy.

If Beethoven had come from anywhere else but Bonn, he would have been exceptional, yes, but not as much. The influence of Neefe helped to shape his character and prepare him for the world of a composer. It may have even helped him to reach new heights in his music.

The Illuminati are apparently out to control the world, and as it would seem, failing. They have managed to one thing right, however. They managed to help shape the character of a young genius.