Ludwig van Beethoven was a legendary composer and musician. Somewhat dramatic and ill-tempered at times, but his music still manages to reflect his genius in the most positive light. How did he get to where he was? What were the struggles that he had to go through? Who or what influenced him the most? Please join me in finding the answers in my blog.

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  1. Hi Katie, I’ve added a home page to your Beethoven site, as I’ve done with a few others, so I can respond to you all here with general comments.

    I got your email, but see what you can do before class tomorrow, as there’s no other assignment. Can you perhaps do the assignment on listening to the first piano sonata, or any of the reading questions? Even if you read some sections of the longer readings and then send a post, that will be OK for now. As we get past the issues of the blog and rhythm of the class, I think things will go more smoothly and assignments will be easier to accomplish.

  2. Hi Katie, I’m writing from your website, please let me know if this gets through to you.

    How are you doing? I see that there are no posts since the one you did on the Illuminati. Are you OK, is there anything I can do to help?

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