thesis ideas

1. Beethoven in Charles Ives’s compositions. Beethoven’s Fifth is a prominent theme in Ive’s music, specifically his concord piano sonatas, in which the first four notes are inserted. Ives’s use of Beethoven can be interpreted in many ways; does Ives quote him for his ideas and beliefs relating to transcendentalism, meaning behind the four notes including fate and triumph, or just for the sheer fandom of the composer.

2. Beethoven’s portrayal in movies. Beethoven’s Fifth has been a common aspect in movie soundtracks, being a sample constantly inserted to evoke a certain emotion or atmosphere. The effect and logicĀ for doing so has changed over time for many reasons. The first four notes notate a dark, intense moment, or in other cases, melancholy and sad, therefore the way in which the music is portrayed in the scene effects the emotional triggered result, however the background the fifth holds is the mainĀ reason why these samples are used in the first place.

3. Beethoven’s use of silence in his compositions. Beethoven’s works include many silences for dramatic and structural purposes. The placement of the silences aid in the overall intensity and emotion of the pieces and express his intentions. However, the meaning of silences can be interpreted in many ways, as we do not have the means of knowing what he intended them to express.


4. Beethoven’s family relations effect on his music.

5. Beethoven’s love life through music.

6. Beethoven’s Sixth and musical themes & moods contrasting with the Fifth.

7. Beethoven’s influence on popular music.

8. The effects of Beethoven during war time.

9.Beethoven as a many interpreted symbol.

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