Gould 9-18

In these chapters, the main subject at hand is everything that is happening in Britan pre ed Sullivan show. In 1962, the Beatles were making songs like love of the loved and hold me tight but those made no indication of what the Beatles were capable of. After touring a little bit in England, they signed a contract with EMI studios that gave them 1 penny per double sided single that the Beatles had sold. This is crazy to think that “THE BEATLES” were being just payed 1 penny. Also that these same Beatles were turned down so many times by every other British label. Also that the Beatles didn’t think that they had the potential that they obviously had. Only 1 man was to see this potential in George Martin. This same guy who said to Epstein that if he were going to sign the Beatles, they were to use a session drummer because Pete Best wasn’t cutting it. To think that a producer can basically say to a band that he thinks that their drummer sucks.  Without Martin’s influence who know’s where the Beatles would have ended up. He made them do different versions of Please Please Me and Love me do that were a lot of than their originals. This is to show how important having a good producer does for a band. I think it was very bizarre that George Martin would call which Beatle’s song were going to be #1 (love me do). On page 139, he said “Gentlemen, he announced to the startled musicians on the other side of the glass You’ve just made your first number one record.” When the Beatles had started to do their tours around the nation they had started to get serious attention from Britain. They had 15 million people watch their broadcast on the London Palladium. This had been the start of Beatlemania. Some quotes of the papers were “A horde of screaming Beatle fans estimated at 10,000 went wild in a fantastic stampede yesterday” and “screaming like an animal, wearing almost as much leather as one, the young girl writhed and shook in some private ecstasy. There was a story that John had said some things that he probably should’t have. “We’ve always hated him. He was everything we hated in pop. but when we met him we didn’t mind him at all. He was very nice. We still hate his records, but he’s really nice.” There were a lot of things that Beatles had said that they probably shouldn’t have. However i think this gave them a bit more popularity and shaped their image. They were known for saying and doing whatever they wanted and the press showed them for what they were. Young adults that weren’t afraid of anything. Eric Hobsbawn had a prediction that in twenty years time, nothing of the Beatles will survive. Also that many people of eighteen would have agreed with this prediction. Next up was their arrival of the cover on their next album with the Beatles. This had been a picture of them photographed in black and white with all of the Beatles in it with a look of wariness in it. This had been the beginning of the Beatles “grindings at nothing” had come and gone. This change was very rapid and changed the analysts views on the Beatles. They had made a dramatic changed from their last album and the analysts were very surprised by this. The playing of the Beatles on WABC was a huge deal back in the 60’s. Any song that was played on this station is said to have made it in America. This was the start of the Beatles starting to become stars in America. I want to hold your hand became the number one hit in America in the third week of that January. The Beatle members didn’t know what to expect what they came to America in February. McCartney had said “They’ve got their own groups, What are we going to give them that they don’t already have.” They had a awakening when they showed up at that airport. They then realized that they were going to be just as popular in the states as in Britain. My favorite quote in these chapters is on page 221. “Now, as Paul stepped up to the microphone and sang the words close your eyes and ill kiss you the spell of fear and unreality was finally broken for America’s 21 million teenagers. Eleven weeks after it began, the television wake was over, and the party had just begun. This quote pretty much sums up what the Beatles had done for America. The kids of this age were able to break out and scream that they were now free and able to do anything that they want.

Magical Mystery Tour

In the first reading, it talks about the Magical Mystery Tour Album and Movie, was the start to break out of the straight jacket of previous vehicles. They escaped the conventional way of pop music. With this, they seemed to do it deliberately, in the most radical way they could do it. This is why the Beatles were so liked in this time period. People in this era were ready for a change. They came at the perfect time. Maybe in an earlier era, they would have got rejected for trying to produce this kind of music and for trying to be so different from the norm. They built there way up almost perfectly. They got everyones attention from singing themed songs like love me do, and got there music on the radio and into the dance halls with their upbeat tempos. Then they start to come in with the slower, more confiscated type of music a ton of people listened just because they were the Beatles. Not taking anything away from the Beatles, but I think that there later albums would not have been as popular as they without the start that they had. (Getting of topic)

Now back to the reading, it says that the Beatles were men of ideas and had begun to think of themselves as “cultural all rounders”. Lennon wore granny glasses to be more feminine and aged connotations. When people saw that Lennon was wearing these type of glasses, they all of a sudden became a unisex item, that both men and women wanted to wear. It crazy to think that a single person (especially a guy in a band) can have this kind of effect on peoples ideas about items. Also times wore by McCartney were being worn in the late 60’s just because McCartney had worn them in the Movie Magical Mystery Tour. Also in this movie there more physcodelic images and ideas in it than anyone has ever seen before. The Beatles alone were trying to change the way people thought about clothing and feminism by just wearing them and the crazy thing is that it had worked. This is obvious when looking at the hippies of that time and of young people in what they had wore.

In the reading electric kool aid, I found this very interesting. It has a direct connection to the type of effect that the Beatles had on people in the United States (espicallay California). People had started to create LSD because of the Magical Mystery Tour. They had also had a dream that the Beatles would come visit them with their sign, “The Merry Pranksters Welcome the Beatles.” Young Teens had been taking an obscene amount drugs because of some of the influences the Beatles had on them. They Beatles sort of started their quest for drugs and being different from the cultural norm in United States. The Beatles had created this excitement that the young people in the United States absolutely loved and ate up. I also think that this Merry Pranksters group had been adored by these fans when they were atop of the bus like the Beatles were. People were in need of a symbol, that were like the Beatles. The Beatles had created an image, and it was easy for anyone to create this image into an idea and provide the symbol for people that they could hold on to. This helped the Beatles with their image as well. Even though this image was not the one Beatles had wanted after they realized that all of these kids were just taking to much drugs to release themselves. Overall, this image that Beatles had created had blossomed into a start of something new in the United States and in Britain (probably other places as well.)

Emerick / playlist three

The songs I chose to listen to was the first three songs, then the last three songs. Then after listening to these songs, it was obvious that there were clear distinctions between their “older stuff” compared to their “newer stuff” when looking at the songs on the playlists. The first major difference I noticed between them was the overall quality of the sound. The first three songs (that consists of please please me, it won’t be long, and  all I’ve got to do) just seems to have a primitive sound (still uniquely a great sound) compared to the new songs they had come out with even if it was just a few difference between the songs. The biggest difference was the song Yesterday which is last on this playlist. This song just sounds simply beautiful, and has uniquely beautiful harmonies that are in it. There are parts of the song that just sound incredibly smooth and great, I am not sure what the exact instrument it was, maybe it was the string quartet that Martin added, however all i know is that it is something that sounds completely different from the first three songs. Without knowing that the Beatles sang Yesterday, and the first three songs, I would have to put my money on saying that no one would group these four songs with the same group. I think that this is a credit to the Beatles growth a group. This also shows the growth of George Martin and the people at EMI. The sounds quality sounds better as years go by, and the creation of new sounds seems to happening as well. In the book we haven’t got the far to where they started creating new sounds, but by the sound of the last chapter, it seems that Geoff or someone starts to tamper with the rules of EMI and started to create new sounds that seem to make the Beatles so unique.

please please me

Was a a number one song on the charts and before it was even on the charts they sold robust amounts of it. This song in itself let the Beatles release of an long play album which was called please please me. The song itself please please me played into the Beatles beginnings of getting young teens and young adults to absolutely adore them. It was even sort of eye opening to some of the young guys and gals during this time. This song to me is a very sexual song. Lyrics like please me like I please you. This could be taken by many people (especially women) to reciprocate love. That you should please the man as he pleases you. As a male I am obviously biased towards this song because this song is directly talking from a male to a female. Another way this song could be taken is that the girls should love the Beatles even more. That they please you, and you should do something to please them back. This is a rock band after all.

All I’ve got to do and All my loving

I pair these songs up because they both have the same intent in their lyrics with their “call on me” theme. They happen to also to be the first songs that both Lennon and McCartney did together. All of my love is another love song that represents the theme of a “letter song.” Also in this song there is this upbeat swigging rhythm. This obviously played into the Beatles early act to get everyone to love them. It says in the Gould book “obliterated by a surging, swigging rhythm of walking bass, splashy cymbals, and crazed triplets from the rhythm guitar that puts a charge of sexual urgency behind his dutiful pledge to write home everyday and send all of my loving to you” (Gould 188). This quote perfectly puts what the effect these type of songs put on the age group that they had targeted. Not only were making music that could be played and danced to at dance halls, they were making the idea of love more relevant in this culture of millions of teens/young adults.


This was the start of the Beatles use of Martin as a arranger and orchestrator. He was the one who had suggested the sound of string quartet that is absolutely amazing. This song clearly represents bringing together the music and the memories. This is a song that Paul wrote about when his mother died. When I did some more research about this song, it was said that paul had said something that he regretted. It was “What are we going to do without her money?” This lyric in the song clearly represents this. “I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday”.  What I took from this song was that Paul was thinking before she was gone, life was much easier and better. That I think is the meaning of this song. The longing for the past and thinking of yesterday as a better day.


Gould 1-8

In this chapter I found it very interesting about how the schooling system in England worked. Everyone went to a grammar school (which I hate grammar anyways) and if they had money they would advance up schooling systems. I also thought it was interesting how Paul was a very good student at a grammar school as well. When we watched the videos and movies of Paul, the last thing I would have thought is Paul being a good boy in school. In the videos it seemed like Paul was a rebel child like lennon and he was in a rock band. Rock bands are notoriously known for their drive for fun, sex, and drugs. The drug part came later in the 60’s but again this was the norm of rock bands. It seems that McCartney was the one who always wanted to go out and that everyone loved him because of his carefreeness and freedom that is completely the opposite of the ideals of grammar.In chapter four page 48 it is said that John Lennon’s early years he had wanted to be leader. Lennon quoted “I wanted to be popular, I wanted everybody do to what I told them to do, laugh at my jokes, and let me be the boss (Gould, pp. 48). This was surprising to me because one of my favorite things about the Beatles is that there wasn’t one leader or one person who wanted to be the leader. That they had such a good bond of friendship that they didn’t care about being the leader and that they wanted to be strictly the Beatles, not Lennon, or McCartney and the Beatles. It is later explained that they had this musical friendship but it just came as a surprise to me that Lennon had these ideals of being the main man on campus. It was also surprising to me that McCartney was said to have this social stigma from his years at grammar-school. Another thing I found interesting was when they started how they developed as a group musically and in people eyes. How they created there own type of stereotype even early on carefreeness. They made the Englishmen who shunned from all casual contact into drunken, distracted patrons. Another thing in the reading that came to a surprise to me was how quick the Beatles turned into a “bunch of suburban dilettantes into one of the city’s most popular bands.” The Beatle’s performance at Litherland in a ballroom started their cycle of playing well and entertaining the crowds. This performance for this little town hall was a catalyst for the whole phenomenon of beat music in Liverpool.

Final Project Idea

The Beatles have made many transformations throughout the years of the 1960’s through the 1970’s till their breakup in 1970. With their transformations, they also changed some of the ways that a populous of people thought along the road. This 10 year span will be the focus of my project. I will be connecting the times that people were going through and the music that they were producing. This will include things like the JFK assassination, moon landing, culture ideas of that time, and events that had happened in this time.


Narrowing down idea

In this timeline, I will dive deep into the JFK assisnation in 1963. I will comment on the mood of the United States at the time and reactions of people during this time period, music interests at this time, and what the Beatles were doing at this time and what and who they had been affecting at this time. This will include what album they had released, the Ed Sullivan show, and types of music they had been creating.

Beatles and the Counterculture

Liberation, self-emancipation, participatory democracy. The Beatles had huge effects in these regions of culturally changing the United States during the late 60’s. These four kids from liverpool had affected the Nation as a whole. When a rock band can affect that many people in a system and cause an uprising of youth, some would say that they were the influential group that we have ever known. Not only did they help start these uprisings, they also pushed it farther than anyone had ever imagined. To have every single one of their songs judged, there movies, and just about every action that they had took. To make this transformation from four liverpool kids chasing women and making music to the people that they had became is an amazing story.

In the reading, it talks a lot about sgt. peppers and how people perceived this album. One thing I really liked about the reading was on page 180. It goes on praise to sgt peppers and point out how that album doesn’t touch anything violent, mad, or dreadful.  Then it goes on to say that this is really the album that was meant for the hippies, potheads, acid heads, dropouts, and college kids who later became hippies. What I found interesting was that they were considered passivists and not activists. Hippies had been about everything being free. Free love, free drugs, and all things free. If I could go back in time, I would go back to this time period. I would love to see these hippies and see all of the carefreeness that they had. For a moment in time, there was a tribe of people who were completely different from the society that we live in, and I would love to see that. It is not everyday that you see people being different from the social norm in the way that these people are made out to be. It also seems to be like a lot of people aspired to be hippies or hated them. Also it seemed like the Beatles at first wanted people to be like hippies. However when they saw what the people in San Francisco looked like, they turned from the drugs and went on to meditating to mellow out instead of dropping acid. There is also this apparent ideal that everyone wanted to be young again. That these middle aged middle class workers became unhappy with their position in the world, and decided to change that. The Beatles helped with this idea that you can just escape from the world and create your own “kind of world”. In the Beatles songs, they sort of just ignored was happening in the world. They wrote exactly what they had wanted to write about without bringing in what was actually going on in the world. During this time period there is a war going on, but never is there this sad mood or lyrics have sad things in them about the war. In the reading it says that the Beatles were not feeling the war. That artists like Dylan were feeling the war because they knew to much.

I didn’t really know what else to write because the reading goes in circles and talks a lot about the same stuff.

White Album

The White Album songs, the creativity and lyrically have been put on the back burners in this album. They had created most of their songs when they were in India, where they weren’t thinking about music to often (except Paul). Paul had gathered up the songs and said that they had enough for another album and Lennon really mad at Paul saying that they were here to meditate and not create music. Lennon got really deep into meditation and really pursued this way of living. This had a direct effect on the album’s success and the Death of Epstein. Lennon is like a room full of babies, when one starts crying, they all start crying. When Lennon starts to descend from the group, the music starts to lessen as well. Listening to the White Album. (There wasn’t any White songs in any of the playlists so I took the liberty of listening to them on youtube). This album from what I could tell is about telling the critics to stop over analyzing everything that we (Beatles) do. To start of with Back in the USSR was the perfect start to this album. Hopefully I’m not over analyzing about the Beatles trying to not be over analyzed.

Back In the USSR

First time listening to this song, I couldn’t help thinking that this song was a beach boys song. They did like what the beach boys did by having Lennon and Harrison sing in the background of the song. This song was inspired by Mike Love (who is on the Beach Boys) who was with them when they went to India. This also uses the Beach Boys eeeoooeeeoo that made the Beach Boys famous. Another interesting thing they said was Moscow girls instead of California Girls and Ussr instead of the USA. I find this song to be the most ironic song that they have come out with yet. They make fun of the Ideas of when the thought that America is has an abundance of attractive woman on beaches, sports cars and barbecues. Also, If I am not mistaken this is during the time of the Cold War when the USA and the USSR are bitter rivals. I don’t think that the Beatles had put to much thought into this song when creating when thinking about the USA vs USSR. I bet there was a ton of Americans who took this song in the wrong way instead of the satirical way they had intended. Who said that the Beatles are a bunch of communists after this song had come out, but I think that the Beatles wrote this song just to have fun with it. It is a parody of back in the USA by Chuck Berry, and it has the Beach Boys in it. I also think it was kind of funny how they put a plane sound in this song as if they actually went to the USSR. If my history memories are still in tact, the USSR was very crazy about who left and came into the country. They wouldn’t even let hockey players join the NHL to get national recognition and make the money they deserved by playing a game (sorry minor course adjustment there, big fan of the Miracle on Ice in 1980). If the USSR saw a plane from USA going into Moscow, I think it would have been shot down even if the Beatles were inside of it.

Dear Prudence

This song is about Prudence Farrow, a woman who inspired Lennon while they were in India. It was said that she had wanted to “Teach God quicker than anyone else.” While she was going through this time, Lennon wrote this song to brighten up her mood and help her through this. Other than that, this song is about cheering up Prudence and getting her out of her room to enjoy the prescence of everyone and to enjoy the day and to stop meditating.

Glass Onion

While listening to this song I noticed a lot of reference back to their old songs. From what I heard the songs were I Am the Walrus, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lady Madonna, The Fool on the Hill, Lucy and the Sky of Diamonds and Fixing a hole. This song i think is just trying to make fun of everyone who over analyzes Lennon’s song, so he just tried to confuse them even more. Also there is a lyric that says the “Walrus is Paul” lyric. I read on the internet this quote. Although it was written in 1968, Lennon later claimed the line was written because he was intending to leave The Beatles. “Well, that was a joke. The line was put in partly because I was feeling guilty because I was with Yoko and I was leaving Paul. I was trying – I don’t know. It’s a very perverse way of saying to Paul, you know, ‘Here, have this crumb, this illusion – this stroke, because I’m leaving.” I have put in a previous post that Lennon was putting hints in that he was wanting to leave the Beatles, and now i do believe that Lennon was leaving these hints around.

Ob-La-DI Ob-La-DA

This song is just fun to listen to. It brings back memories of saying stupid stuff when I was kid to just make someone smile. This song does just that as well. It can put smiles on peoples faces and make them a happier person even if just for a moment. If someone is in a bad mood, I will tell them to listen to this song and see if anything changes, it will be a sort of experiment. Other than that this song is about being happy and putting a smile on your face. It is about getting through whatever your going through and just thinking that life goes on and you should go live on with a smile.

So far, creativity and lyrically have been put on the back burners in this album. They had created most of their songs when they were in India, where they weren’t thinking about music to often (except Paul). Paul had gathered up the songs and said that they had enough for another album and Lennon really mad at Paul saying that they were here to meditate and not create music.