Welcome to the Guide to Arabic at Earlham

This site is a guide, of sorts, for students working on Arabic on their own while at Earlham. Hopefully, Arabic will be reinstated at Earlham and you will be able to study with a professor. Until that time, this site is here to help you navigate your self-directed language study. Three things to keep in mind as you are working on your Arabic.

  1. The TA assigned to this class is here to help you. The TA is a native speaker and will be able to work with your on conversation, listening comprehension, pronunciation, writing, etc. You should meet with the TA at least once weekly for conversation practice, but you should also take advantage of their presence to work with you on your compositions and on reading comprehension.
  2. The Shared Languages Program (SLP) may be offering classes in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019. This is a link to the SLP site. Check it out. If Intermediate or Advanced classes are offered, then contact the associate registrar, Julie Stout, to ask about how to register for the class.
  3. The Jordan Program is hosted  through the CIEE in Amman, Jordan every spring. There is no language prerequisite to participate in the program, but once you are in Jordan, you will take 9 credits of language classes (6 in Standard Arabic and 3 in Jordanian Arabic). For more information on that program, see the Earlham description of the program which has instructions for how to apply, or visit the CIEE website.