Yaoi: Equalizing Gender – An Analysis of Gay Anime/Manga by a Gay™ (Marlon Robertson)

In all of the papers I’ve read on yaoi, I find three prevailing theories: Yaoi is simply a tool for women to experience sexual pleasure in the same vein of just watching gay pornography, yaoi is a way for women to subvert homoerotic (lesbian) desires by making the boys androgynous, and that yaoi is a way for women to explore new facets of gender and sexuality. Each has its merits and I don’t particularly believe that any should be ignored, I would like to posit my own theory. Yaoi functions as a way for women to be able to bring men down to the level that they themselves are perceived in society, namely as objects. Women in Japan (and indeed many areas of the world) are often seen as nothing more than eye candy or baby-making machines. Men feel entitled to have a wife someday and that that wife will be the perfect, submissive “good wife, wise mother” of their dreams. Women find that it is not so easy to elevate themselves out of this position; indeed, how does one change the entire mindset of a country in a relatively short span of time? However, what if men could be brought down to the level that women are perceived to be on? Continue reading