LGBT Erasure In Sailor Moon

I found this article to be exceptionally interesting, as the erasure of LGBT characters such as Neptune and Uranus has, as both a fan of the original anime and a queer woman, bothered me for years. As someone who grew up watching Sailor Moon, it wasn’t until revisiting the series many years later, this time in the original Japanese, that I realized the odd relationship between “cousins”, Michiru and Haruka (or Amara and Michelle depending on the adaptation), was originally intended to be presented as a romantic relationship between lesbians. This isn’t the only instance in which LGBT characters are erased from the english version of the show, as gay couple Kunzite and Zoisite were presented as heterosexual, genderfluid villain Fisheye was presented as strictly female, and an entire season of the show was omitted for the fact that it centered around the genderfluidity and presentation of the Sailor Starlights, a group of warriors that identify as both male and female. Continue reading