The acceptance and characteristics of Redezu Komikku

Redezu Komikku (ladies comics) is a comic with maximum visibility appeal with associations with girls comics. It is said that it depicts the truth of the female body impossible to be captured on screen. Being a form of comic pornography, it is a counterpart to mens Hentai Manga, a very famous genre of comic based porn in Japan that is aimed at men.

Redezu Komikku has very high production values along with a vast range of sexual content, from mildly suggestive tones to hardcore explicit porn. However, viewership of such pornography/anime in the US remains fairly lower than Japans. The lack of US viewership of comic porn has to do with people not reading comics as a whole more than it has to do with the appeal of pornography in comic vs film. This can be accounted for to multiple reasons. Firstly, on a whole, Japan’s comic viewership level is much higher than that of US comics and while US does have a fair viewership of comics in the male/boy demographic, it doesn’t have much of an appeal to ladies. In the US, the preference is given to visual porn in videos rather than comics. Also, it can be assumed that American women are still not all that much in to hardcore visual pornography. On the contrary, ladies comics have had a widespread acceptance in Japan from the ladies side of the demographic i.e. women in their 20s and 30s. The market counts for nearly 10% of the industry while circulating 103 million magazines every month. This difference in viewership can be reasoned by the fact that Japan and US have very different cultural climates.  Contrary to the US, comic books and manga make for a popular form of entertainment across different age groups, not just children. On top of that, there is higher cultural acceptance of sexually explicit images in comics in Japan. Furthermore, it is apparent that pornography has not being compartmentalized in Japan compared to the US. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that “while the comics industry does distinguish between adult and children comics, with hardcore and explicit images only appearing in the former, some nudity  and sexual innuendo appear everywhere.” Now in respect to the different cultural environment, it is only natural that the Japanese comic industry would seek more towards marketing pornographic comics to women as well as men compared to the US.

Now to dive in sex and gender aspect of Redezu Komikku, I would like to clear out something I got from the reading that while it is created for women by women, it (ladies comics) does not present a vision for a sexually free, feminist utopia. It is however, a realistic “representation of women pursuing their own sexual pleasure through autonomy in a heterosexual relationships in a world of gender inequalities.” And on top of that, in a culture that values sexual in experience for women, the success of Redezu Komikku “gives lie” to the myth that women are not visually stimulated.

In an argument in the reading, it is said that the key for female enjoyment of these manga is aesthetics and access. The aesthetics and access have to do with the porn being available for women in a friendly manner as well as the content catering to womens’ sexual needs.

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  1. Hi Kamil,

    Great post. I am very interested in your comparison of Japanese and American female consumption of pornography. I know that romance novels are very popular in the U.S. Although they are not categorized as “pornography” per se, they are often extremely sexually graphic and perhaps constitute the main form of porn consumption for American women. This makes me wonder, why do women tend to consume textual porn more often than audio-visual porn?


    • Hi Amanda,
      I have researched about your question and I think I have found the answer to your question: Romance. Women tend to consume textual porn not because it is more descriptive or anything. They consume it because they enjoy the story and the romance that happens in those comic. Although porn is like a cherry on top, it is not the reason why women read the romance novel. They enjoy the plot, the chemistry between characters and the lead-up to the porn more than the porn itself. So to say that women consume textual porn more than visual in not entirely true, They consume a lot of romance novel, that happens to include those textual porn. I hope this helps!


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